The Lifter Hamper- A Shark Tank Product

The Lifter Hamper is a spring-loaded hamper that “auto-lifts” your pile of laundry from the base of the laundry hamper to the top.  The result is an amazing product that helps those suffering from back pain by reducing back strain caused by bending over and into a laundry hamper basket. The Lifter Hamper, also features four easy-glide wheels, making it a convenient rolling hamper.

  <img src="Shark Tank.jpg" alt="Lifter Hamper Shark Tank Product">

The Lifter Hamper Makes Laundry Day Easier For:

  • Those with Chronic Back Pain
  • Aides Pregnant Women
  • Elderly Living Independently

The Lifter Hamper was first presented to the world on ABC’s Shark Tank.  Creator and contestant Marvin Philips, a former NFL player, dreamed up the hamper after himself being challenged by back pain.

Today the Lifter Hamper has gone from a basic prototype to a valuable home laundry aide available to the public to purchase.

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Learn more about the Amazing Lifter Hamper Here

Buy the Lifter Hamper today at the Laundry Shoppe and get free shipping! (Hawaii and Alaska) excluded

Stop The Painful Straining, Unnecessary Stretching, and Back Harming Lifting – Let the Lifter Hamper Work for You on Laundry Day.

  <img src="hamper.jpg" alt="Lifter Hamper Rolling Laundry Hamper Spring-Loaded, Auto-Rising">

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