Puretergent’s motto ” Happy Clothes Love You Back”

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A Gentle And Effective Way to do Laundry

In 1999 PureTergent founder, Julia Frye, launched innovative green industrial laundry solutions for hotels and commercial laundries. She effectively demonstrated that green laundry solutions worked better than traditional detergents because they didn’t discolor and weaken fibers with over-chlorination and the misuse of harsh chemicals.  Her commercial clients were astounded at the results: hotel linen supplies that lasted three to four times as long. Being green, really was the way to stay in the green!

Next Ms. Frye turned her attention to the consumer market reaching out to clothing designers, everyday fashionistas, parents , pet owners and earth-loving people everywhere who demand a quality green laundry detergent.  Her love song to laundry is Puretergent. 

A Laundry Detergent Brand That Cares For Fabrics, Your Skin And The Environment

Puretergent effectively launders without the use of harmful and irritating petroleum products, dyes, and thickeners . Instead, Puretergent utilizes the power of herbal surfactants and is 100% non-allergenic.

Does Not Contain: Chlorine, phosphates, nonylphenol ethoxylates, alcohol, dyes, optical brighteners, animal products, EPA priority pollutants

You will notice the difference in the first wash. Imagine Softer, Brighter, and Healthier laundry.

A market first. Puretergent’s friendly detergent pouch has 8 times less plastic than a rigid plastic laundry detergent bottle, uses 9 times less emissions to manufacture and is recycled by Terracycle.

A Custom Solution to Fabric Care

All laundry is not created equal.  How to do laundry properly is dependent on many factors.  Levels of dirt and grime, synthetic vs. natural fibers, whites vs. dark colored fabrics and caring for delicately constructed garments each require a different laundering approach.

Puretergent offers the right solutions to laundry problems with three customized detergents. All designed to leave clothing soft and free of detergent residue.


Each pouch of Puretergent washes 50 loads of laundry.


Puretergent Gentle

Designed for wool,silk,down jackets and sleeping bags. The choice for sensitive skin or when extra softness is desired. A great baby detergent.


$21.99 Includes US Shipping

Puretergent Fresh

Works hard to keep whites bright and rids fabric of tough grime. Considered the “Power-Wash” formula.


$21.99 Includes US Shipping

Puretergent Calm

The “Fashion-Forward” formula. Designed to maintain the vibrant colors in your wardrobe.


21.99 Includes US Shipping



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