Vintage Wire Baskets

Wire Storage Baskets

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These vintage wire baskets constructed of iron wire afford both charm and versatility. Powder coated in array of popular decor shades to complement your home.

Iron wire baskets make a great storage choice not only for laundry, but also for organizing magazines, toys, wood or throws.

Order with a decorative round top and instantly turn your wire storage basket into a graceful side table. Or, turn upside down to use a stylish stool.

Wire storage baskets are available in Ebony, Rose, Brass, Grey or Mint.

Table tops available in oak veneer or black laminate.

Decorative wire storage baskets afford an easy and elegant solution to your storage needs.  You’ll want more than one.

Large Basket Size: 60 x 45 cm (23.6222  x 17.7165 inches)

Matching Table Top – 60 CM (23.622 inches)

$175.00 Brass Wire Basket

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$125.00 Free Shipping Within US (Ebony)


$125.00 Free Shipping Within US (Rose)



$85.00 Vintage Wire Basket Free US Ship (Marigold Yellow, Small)

Grey Metal BasketRecently Added Colors Grey & Mint






$125.00 + Free Shipping Within US (Grey)



$125.00 Free Shipping Within US (Mint)

Mint Powdered Coated Iron Basket


Ferm Living Table Top With Basket













Black Laminate Top

$159.00 Blk Limited Time Free US Shipping









Oak Veneer Top

$159.00 Oak Limited Time Free US Shipping

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Vintage Wire Basket Set

<img src="baskets.jpg" alt="vintage farmhouse wire basket set in black with handles "> Set of three black wire baskets with handles.  A perfect compliment to your farmhouse decor.

Dimensions: Small: 8.75″ H x 10.5″ Dia. · Medium: 13.25″ H x 14.5″ Dia. · Large: 15.25″ H x 18″ Dia.

Free US Shipping to 48 States.

$230 Farmhouse Wire Basket Trio