Fabric Steamer – Enviromate Pronto P7 by Reliable Corporation

Environmate Pronto P7 Provides True Eco-Friendly Cleaning

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EnviroMate Pronto P7: A Mighty But Portable Hand-Held Steamer

An effective portable hand-held fabric steamer and steam cleaner designed to tackle a variety of household cleaning  tasks.

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As a fabric steamer, the EnviroMate Pronto is a powerful tool to assist in ridding clothing, draperies and linens of wrinkles. Also, use to clean stuffed animal toys, decorative pillows, and chair cushions.

A great chemical free way to refresh clothing. Helps to extend trips to the dry cleaners by giving you the ability to steam away wrinkles at home. This makes the Pronto EnvironMate a money saver!

As a portable hand-held steam cleaner, the P7 Pronto Enviromate puts the ability to quickly steam clean and sanitize a variety of household hard surfaces without the use of chemical-laden cleaning products.

Powerfully fights grime, dirt, grease and germs on surfaces such as: tile, grout, countertops, toilets, sinks, faucets, stoves, barbeque grills, carpet stains, automobile parts, pet crates, and bird cages.

Light, portable design allows you to treat compact spaces and surfaces where a larger steam cleaner would be difficult and cumbersome to operate.  Great, for fast jobs where the fuss of a bulky, larger unit is not warranted.

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Comfortable ergonomic design assists in cleaning hard to reach places.  Delivers high pressure, hot and consistent steam.

Enviromate Pronto Offers All Natural, Chemical-Free Cleaning

Great for individuals with allergies, asthma, multiple chemical sensitivities, individuals with babies and children, bird owners and other sensitive pets.

Avoid the high dollar cost and health consequences of conventional, chemical-based cleaning products. This fabric steamer and steam cleaner uses the power of heat and steam to sanitize and clean.  The only additive required is water.

Experience a healthy, happy and economic clean with the EnviroMate Pronto Fabric Steamer and Steam Cleaner.

EnviroMate Pronto P7 Accessory Kit

The Enviromate Pronto includes a full 15 Piece Accessory Kit to help you get rid of wrinkles and household dirt. All you add is water!

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Environmate Pronto P7 Important Features

  • Multi-Purpose Home Cleaning Small Appliance
  • Powerful Fabric Steam Cleaner
  • Complete 15 Piece Accessory Kit
  • Designed With Safety
  • Safely Steam Clean Garments without harsh chemicals
  • Simply Add Water to tackle wrinkles and freshen fabrics
  • Designed to deododize and sanitize  household surfaces with the power of steam …heat and moisture. No chemicals needed.
  • Portable. Take it where you need it.
  • Economical. Save on Chemical-laden cleaning products
  • Great for multiple chemical sensitivities
  • Electrical 110 V/120V
  • Water Capacity 1.25 cups (300 cc)
  • Operating Pressure 58 PSI – 4 Bar
  • Steam Temperature at Tip 245 Degrees Fahrenheit –  118 Degrees Celsius
  • Powerful 1200W Heating Element
  • Steam Ready Time 2 Minutes
  • Continuous Steam 15 Minutes
  • Power Consumption 11 Amps
  • Steam Hose Length 32 inches – 81 CM
  • Net Weight 2.5 1bs –  1.1 kg
  • 5.5 inches by 6 inches x 12.5  inches
  • Electrical Approval cETLus
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty. Lifetime Tank Warranty
  • Extra Long Cord 19.5′
  • Patented Comfort Safety System
99.00 Free US Shipping

EnviroMate Pronto Effective Tool Against Bed Bugs

Utilize the power of steam to sanitize a mattress.  Also, an effective approach to kill bed bugs when used in conjunction with other eradication methods.

Steam treatment is an approved method for the elimination of bed bugs.  Kill bed bugs without applying harsh chemicals to bedding and mattresses.

Success in ridding your home of bed bugs involves many factors and layers of treatment to stop an infestation. Steam Cleaning is one effective part of that approach to kill bed bugs.

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