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Why are my towels smelly?

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Smelly Towel Cleaner Cleans and Deodorizes Your Towels



Smelly towels are a frequent laundry complaint.

Towels frequently develop a stinky odor because they are housed in the humid bathroom environment. Towels, remain damp. This dampness allows odor causing bacteria to grow resulting in unpleasant odors.

Placing, these damp and smelly towels within a laundry hamper increases the “stink cycle” as there is little air circulation. The damp environment of the bathroom becomes replicated in the hamper.

Once odor has developed, simply washing the stinky towels may not fully deodorize the towels. The transferring of the washed, but still smelly towels into the dryer will only further set the existing smell  into the towels.

But, if the towels are not allowed to fully dry a new batch of stink will start to develop starting a fresh cycle of stink.

The lingering sour smells on towels can become so offensive that some consumers simply resort to buying new towels and retiring the old batch.



How to prevent smelly towels?


  1. Air out bath towels, pool towels and kitchen towels after usage to encourage air flow.  Open bathroom windows, use a ceiling fan or sufficiently hang to allow the towel to air dry. Do not bunch or crumple.
  2. Second, do not place damp towels into a laundry hamper, basket, or washer bin.
  3. Try to wash bath towels, beach towels and kitchen linens at least weekly.
  4. When washing laundry in the washer machine, be sure to measure the laundry detergent properly.  Using too much laundry detergent can actually cause your towels and clothing to be less than clean.   Overuse of detergent can cause leave a soapy residue on fabrics that is sticky and will quickly attract more dirt and odors.  Overtime, the residue effectively “jails” odors and dirt without escape.  This results in smelly towels that are very, very difficult to clean.
    We recommend using eco-friendly laundry detergents as they are formulated to rinse away detergent residue.
  5. Remove towels promptly from the washer onto the dryer or clothesline. Leaving towels sitting in the washing machine can cause smelly odors to form both in your washer and on your cleaned towels.
  6. Skip the dryer sheets.  Traditional dryer sheets coat laundry with a sticky residue that traps dirt and odors. Opt instead for dryer balls or eco-friendly re-useable dryer sheets.
  7. Be sure that you let towels fully dry in the clothes dryer or clothes line before folding. Do not allow even slightly damp towels to sit in a dryer or laundry basket for a prolonged period.
  8. Regular use of Smelly Towel Cleaner.  Regular use of Smelly Towel Cleaner will rid your home of stinky funky towels.  This is a smelly washer cleaner remedy that works!
    Smelly Towel Cleaner ingredients are all natural. It’s organically derived formula is safe on skin and fabrics.

This Smelly Towel Cleaner formula has a light, natural pleasant scent. A natural laundry booster ingredient in Smelly Towel Cleaner will leave your towels free of stinky odors softer and more fluffy.
This stinky towel cleaner is an easy way to remedy smelly towels. You can be confident that Smelly Towel Cleaner will deodorize your towels and other smelly laundry.


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