Laundry Room Rugs and Mats

Laundry Room Rugs and Mats – Eco Friendly Collection

Our Eco-friendly area rugs will add an instant pop of color to your laundry room or elsewhere in your home. Environmentally friendly rugs are available in recycled cotton or recycled plastic.  All natural cotton rugs showcased here are hand-woven using natural dyes and sustainable practices. Slight variations in color and size will reflect this handmade nature.

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Laundry Room Rugs  100% Recycled Cotton – Broadway

This eco-friendly rug features an enchanting maze pattern and is ready to add a touch of sophistication to your home.  Environmentally friendly area rug available in Vibrant Blue and White or Ebony and White.  Hand-woven from recycled cotton fibers.

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$49.99 Broadway Blue & White Rug
$79.00 Broadway Blue & White Rug 3x5
$119.00 Broadway Blue & White Rug 4 x 6
$199.00 Broadway Blue & White Rug 5 x 8
$249.99 Broadway Blue & White Rug 6 x 9


$49.99 Broadway Black & White Rug 2 x 3
$79.00 Broadway Black & White Rug 3 x 5

Broadway 3 x 5 in Black and White Out of Stock until 10/16

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Recycled Plastic Area Rug Mats

Great looking and green! Our recycled plastic area rugs are made from recycled straws.  They are

They are great for spaces both indoor and outdoor that might be exposed to water or other elements.  This is a great rug for the laundry room, kitchen, playroom, porch or patio.  Mildew and fade resistant.  A fun rug for adding color and interest to your interior and exterior spaces.  Washable with a hose or damp sponge.


Yellow and White Eco-Friendly Area Rug – Mimosa

Yellow Mimosa Out of Stock

Bursting with sunshine, the mimosa recycled cotton area rug is designed to deliver cheer.

This eco-friendly area rug is reversible.

$42.00 Yellow & White Rug 2 x 3
$69.00 Yellow & White Rug 3 X 5
$99.00 Yellow & White Rug 4 x 6
$158.00 Yellow & White Rug 5 x 8
$199.00 Yellow & White Rug 6 x 9
$299.00 Yellow & White Rug 8 x 10


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Lhasa Eco-Friendly Rug Mat

Made from recycled straws, and boasting a bright, beautiful pattern. Fully reversible. Fade and mildew resistant. Washable and lightweight.

$39.00 Lhasa Rug-Mat 3 x5
$48.00 Lhasa Rug-Mat 4 x 6
$85.00 Lhasa Rug-Mat 5 x 8
$110.00 Lhasa Rug-Mat 6 x 9


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 <img src="llasa.jpg" alt="llasa reversible rug eco-friendly">  <img src="rug.jpg" alt="close-up of plastic rug ">

Laguna Chevron Throw Rug

<img src="rug.jpg" alt="Black and white chevron indoor/outdoor rug in recycled plastic">

Striking black and white chevron pattern adds a classic charm to your indoor/outdoor living spaces. Made from tightly woven recycled plastic that creates a true indoor/outdoor rug that offers strength, softness and beauty. Requires minimal care. Simply shake or hose off debris when a refreshing is needed. Lightweight – Portable for use in picnics and camping trips. Comes with Eco-friendly jute bag.  For outdoor use anchor with furniture or outdoor Velcro.

$37.00 Laguna 3 x 5
$51.00 Laguna 4 x 6
$ 89.00 Laguna 5 x 8
$115.00 Laguna 6 x 9