Tear Mender


Use Tear Mender for fix -it fast repairs to garments, shoes, leather, home decor, furniture upholstery sports gear, automotive upholstery and more! Bish’s Original Tear Mender is the right adhesive choice for durable, long lasting and permanent bonds or repairs to items used both indoor and  out.  Tear Mender is water-proof, flexible, permanent, quick-drying, UV resistant, natural latex, non-toxic and acid free

A Wallet Booster

These thrifty times mean we are all counting our dollars and finding news ways to make our dollars stretch.  Protect your invested dollars in clothing, shoe, purses, luggage, home decor, furniture , automotive  and sports gear by making simple and lasting repairs at home.

An Eco-Friendly Choice

An easy way to recycle and bring new life to clothing and personal belongings. Restore life to old favorites. Helps to keep consumer goods out of landfills.

Tear Mender is made from renewable resources.

A Multi-Purpose Home Necessity

One bottle really does it all!

Use Tear Mender to restore apparel, leather goods, sports gear, home decor items, upholstery,automotive needs and marine fixes.

Don’t know how to sew? You don’t need to with Tear Mender. Great for instantly shortening sleeves, hemming pants, fixing torn pockets and patching holes. Start decorating with an easy way no-sew-way to make drapes and pillow cases.

Love to craft? You will love creating with this instant fabric and leather adhesive. Tear Mender is great for creating costumes at home, scrapbooking, and other home crafts projects.

A Travel Savior

Ever had a clothing mishap while traveling for business or on vacation? Stow a tiny bottle in your carry-on luggage, briefcase or purse to tackle unexpected tears, loose buttons, fallen hems and sweater snags and travel prepared . Bonds in three minutes allowing you to make repairs on the go!

101 Uses for Tear Mender Instant Fabric & Leather Adhesive

Pennies worth of value, delivering dollars worth or savings day after day.  Every home needs Tear Mender.  Trusted since 1932.

Grab a bottle or two today! Great for repairs at the office, too.

Bonus Repair Kit 6 Ounce Bottle w/Free 0.5 Oz Bottle

$11.80 Includes US Shipping

Bonus Repair Kit 2 Ounce Bottle w/Free 0.5 Oz Bottle

$8.39 Includes US Shipping