Sort-A-Sack Backpack Laundry Bag

Sort-A-Sack Backpack Laundry Bag With Built-In-Sorter


This Dual use hamper and laundry bag backpack will keep your laundry organized and save you time!

The Sort-A-Sack boasts separate compartments for whites and colors.  This pre-sorting saves time on laundry day.

Roomy ! The Sort-A -Sack easily holds three loads of laundry. Small space footprint means it can easily fit in a bathroom, bedroom or dorm room. Place on the floor or hang.

The Sort-A-Sack is an easy way to transport your laundry. Laundry baskets can be clunky and hard to manage. But the Sort-A-Sack Carry can be used like a back pack, or carried  like a tote by the top lift strap.  An added bonus is the protective privacy zipper which keeps laundry securely stowed.

Made of 600 Denier Polyester …designed for strength and repeated usage.

For laundry newbies a basic laundry guide is sewn on the carrier.

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Sort-A-Sack Feature Review

  • Holds 3 Loads of Laundry
  • Color-Coded Pockets for Separating Laundry Keeps Clothing & Linens Ready For Laundry Day
  •  Comfortable Padded Shoulder Straps Allow Use as a Laundry Bag Backpack
  • Top Lift Strap Facilitates Allows Use as a Laundry Tote Bag
  • Zipper Closure Keeps Laundry Stowed
  • Easy-Clean Material and Durable Poly Fabric
  • Space Saver – Simply Hang on A Door, Rest on the Floor or Fold When Not In Use
  • Convenient How to Do Laundry Tips Sewn Inside
  • Saves Time As Laundry is Already Pre-Sorted
  • Money Saver: Three Products in One – Hamper, Laundry Sorter and Laundry Bag

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Sort-A-Sack Red



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Sort-A-Sack Blue

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Black Sort-A-Sack