Sort-A-Sack Backpack Laundry Bag

Sort-A-Sack Backpack Laundry Bag With Built-In-Sorter

Dual use hamper and laundry bag backpack will keep your laundry organized and save you time!

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Sort-A-Sack Feature Review

  • Holds 3 Loads of Laundry
  • Color-Coded Pockets for Separating Laundry Keeps Clothing & Linens Ready For Laundry Day
  •  Comfortable Padded Shoulder Straps Allow Use as a Laundry Bag Backpack
  • Top Lift Strap Facilitates Allows Use as a Laundry Tote Bag
  • Zipper Closure Keeps Laundry Stowed
  • Easy-Clean Material and Durable Poly Fabric
  • Space Saver – Simply Hang on A Door, Rest on the Floor or Fold When Not In Use
  • Convenient How to Do Laundry Tips Sewn Inside
  • Saves Time As Laundry is Already Pre-Sorted
  • Money Saver: Three Products in One – Hamper, Laundry Sorter and Laundry Bag

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Sort-A-Sack Red


$34.00 Sort-A-Sack Red
$34.00 Sort-A-Sack Blue
$34.00 Sort-A-Sack Black
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Sort-A-Sack Blue

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Black Sort-A-Sack