the BraLadder

The Best Way to Dry a Bra

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What is the best way to dry a bra? A simply fabulous way is with the BraLadder!

The BraLadder preserves your investment in your expensive bras by extending their fabric life and cup shape. No more crushing or stretching of cups.

Post drying, the BraLadder offers a convenient storage solution for organizing your bras.

<img src="braladderjpg" alt="braladder bra drying and storage">

  • Dry and store bras easily
  • No more drying bras on door knobs & shower rods
  • Prevents smashed or lumpy bras, extends life.
  • Saves drawer and closet space.
  • Spaced for quick air drying to prevent mildew
  • Holds up to 5 bras.

How to Hand Wash a Bra Perfectly With the BraLadder