Water Hyacinth Baskets

Water Hyacinth Baskets – Renewable, Eco-friendly Home Decor 

Haven – Large Water Hyacinth Storage Basket

The Haven Water Hyacinth Storage Basket is the perfect accent piece for your interiors. Thick water hyacinth reeds create a large braided weave for a beautiful and striking wicker that is both gorgeous and and practical. It’s roomy and sturdy interior provides a convenient place to store a variety of household items. Find an elegant home for laundry, blankets, toys…whatever you need to stow to avoid the clutter and achieve interior design zen.

19 inches high, 17 inches wide, and 17 inches deep

Quality construction. Sturdy enough to double as impromptu seating! Features removable lid.

Free shipping to lower US 48 States.

$116.99 Haven Storage Basket

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Water Hyacinth is an aquatic water plant officially known as Eichhornia crassipes.  The spongy stems of the this aquatic plant are harvested, dried and then woven into beautiful Water Hyacinth storage baskets and other attractive home decor.

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Water Hyacinth Laundry Hampers

Chelsea Water Hyacinth Lidded Laundry Hamper in natural.

This large  hamper comes equipped with a designated divided hamper liner to assist in sorting your linens and clothing.  You will have plenty of room for your laundry with this large lidded hamper. Features side handles for easy transport around your home. Rich multi-tonal shades of hand-twisted Water Hyacinth make this laundry hamper an attractive addition to your home decor.

Available in natural or chocolate.



20 1/2 x 12 x 29

Free US shipping to lower 48 US states.

$149.99 Chelsea Hamper Natural
$149.99 Chelsea Hamper Chocolate

<img src="clothes hamper.jpg" alt="water hyacinth clothes hamper with lid and handles">






<img src="laundry hamper.jpg" alt="lidded laundry hamper with removable liner woven water hyacinth">




<img src="clothes hamper.jpg" alt="woven water hyacinth laundry hamper">





Triana Round Hamper

This round laundry hamper in woven Water Hyacinth features an elegant whitewash finish.  Accented with a matching lid and fabric liner.

Measurements: 18 d. x 235/8

Free US Shipping to lower US 48 States

$139.99 Triana Round Hamper

<img src="round hamper.jpg" alt=" white water hyacinth round hamper">



<img src="laundry hamper.jpg" alt=" Large water hyacinth laundry hamper">

Colette Clothes Hamper

The Colette, Water Hyacinth Clothes Hamper, showcases a beautiful scissor weave pattern. Available in natural or chocolate.  This laundry hamper also features a removable fabric liner that is divided.  Side pocket handles allow for easy carrying.



20 1/2 x 12 x 29

Free US Shipping to lower 48 states.

$149.99 Colette Laundry Hamper Natural
$149.99 Colette Laundry Hamper Chocolate

<img src="laundry hamper.jpg" alt="eco-friendly laundry hamper in water hyacinth">

Water Hyacinth crafts are an eco-friendly success story. While beautiful, the water hyacinth is considered an aquatic pest in the wild.  It grows voraciously and often leads to heavily clogged waterways creating unbalanced ecosystems. However, harvesting of the wild Water Hyacinth eradicates theses issues. The plant waste has proven to be an economic boon to local communities as they take the natural materials and turn it into crafts and wares .

Water Hyacinths grow very quickly, making this aquatic plant a readily available renewable material.