Lifter Hamper – Spring Loaded Rolling Hamper

The Lifter Hamper – An Innovative Laundry Helper

The Lifter Hamper a new and innovative clothes hamper actually helps you do the laundry! As originally featured on ABC’s Shark Tank by contestant & creator Marvin Philip is now available for your laundry room.

When laundry is placed into the Lifter Hamper —- a bungee spring loaded liner allows the hamper bottom to lower as the weight of the clothing gets heavier and rise as the weight of the clothing gets lighter.





Lifter Hamper No More Bending

This means NO MORE bending over to scoop up your laundry from your clothes hamper.

Simply drop laundry into the top opening  of the Lifter Hamper. Then,  as you place additional clothing into the Lifter Hamper it will lower as it becomes full.

As you take clothing out, the base of the Lifter Hamper will rise or “lift”  until it reaches the top of the clothes hamper.

<img src="lifter hamper.jpg" alt="lift hamper helps back conditions">


The Lifter Hamper is a Back Saver

No more awkward bending and reaching for items in your laundry hamper with the Lifter Hamper.

Repetitive chores such as bending down and then up again when reaching into a traditional laundry hamper can exacerbate existing back conditions or prove to be a catalyst for future back pain  The Lifter Hamper brings the laundry to you at a comfortable work level.  No Stretching, No Straining.

Laundry shouldn’t have to be a balance act or require weight lifting skills. Lugging a traditional laundry basket or clothes hamper around can be a heavy task.

With the Lifter Hamper you can work smarter and not harder.

The Lifter Hamper comes equipped with caster wheels allowing you easily transport your laundry without heavy lifting.

This innovative lifting and rolling hamper is a must for those with back problems, seniors, pregnant women or anyone tired of straining themselves on laundry day!

The Lifter Hamper – Rolling Hamper – is Ready For Laundry Day

 <img src="lifter hamper.jpg" alt="lifter hamper in laundry room">

The Lifter Hamper review of features:

Strong enough  to hold 2-3 loads of laundry. When fully opened it measures 36” H x 16” W.

The clothes hamper easily folds to a compact  2 ½ wide which makes for convenient storage.

A Laundry Hamper With Wheels in Black or White

The Lifter Hamper, spring loaded hamper, is available in crisp white or jet black.

Get help with the laundry today with the Lifter Hamper, rising and rolling laundry hamper!


 <img src="lifter hamper.jpg" alt="spring loaded lifter hamper in black with wheels">

Lifter Hamper Pictured When Full of Laundry

 <img src="hamper.jpg" alt="lifter hamper laundry basket with wheels">

Lifter Hamper When Empty

 <img src="lifter hamper.jpg" alt="lifter hamper for laundry in white">  <img src="white hamper.jpg" alt="white laundry hamper with wheels ">












<img src="clothes hamper.jpg" alt="lifter hamper with wheels for laundry">