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A Smarter,Healthier & Better Way to do Laundry

There is no escaping Laundry. But there are better ways to do laundry. We want to help by offering products that make the laundry routine more enjoyable and less of a chore. Our focus is on products that are eco-friendly, and products that are innovative.

Save Time

The less time you spend on laundry the more time you have to spend with the people you love and doing the things you enjoy. The right laundry detergent, good laundry room organization and other laundry tools and supplies can make doing laundry more efficient.

Better Your Health

Somewhere in time doing laundry got downright dangerous.  The laundry room became a toxic stew of unnecessary chemicals which are harmful to our health. Our skin is our largest organ. Nasty detergent residue can cause not only skin irritations, but cause hormonal disruptions that zap our vitality and can harm our children. We carry natural laundry detergents that help you stay fit and healthy for the true joys in life when it isn’t laundry day.

It’s Easy Being Green

We are always searching for products that are eco-friendly.  The traditional process of doing laundry is very resource extensive. Both washers and clothes dryers, despite advances in energy efficiency, are power-hungry appliances. Washing machines utilize a tremendous amount of water. Continued usage of conventional brand detergents pollute our environment with toxic chemicals.  Additionally, bulky packaging begs for recycling with much of it ending in landfills.  A change is needed. Going green is easy. You don’t have to live in a solar home and drive a Prius to be an agent of change. The idea is just to start caring about what and how we consume. Small practices, such as using a biodegradable laundry detergent, line-drying laundry, reducing consumption of poorly constructed products, revitalizing and re-purposing  the possessions we already own – collectively makes a difference. We offer a growing collection of products that are sustainably resourced: from naturally made laundry baskets, recycled cardboard hangers, and recycled rubber washing machine vibration pads.

Dollar Wise

The products we carry deliver value.  We sell natural & green Laundry detergents that gently clean fabrics and help to keep your favorite fashions looking their best longer.  Our Garment care products preserve, repair and revitalize clothing . We feature decor items, such as laundry baskets, that are built to last and are objects of beauty.

Simply Fun

At the Laundry Shoppe we are always searching for innovative products that afford simple solutions to common laundry problems. We like to turn laundry frustrations into laundry fun. Thank you for visiting the Laundry Shoppe. Please spread the laundry love and tell a friend about our store.