Africa Woven Laundry Baskets

African Laundry Baskets – Fair Trade

African Laundry Basket Hampers are a customer favorite at the Laundry Shoppe.

Many of our beautiful woven African Laundry Baskets are made in the Republic of Senegal and are Certified Fair Trade Baskets.  The talented Wolof Women transform natural fibers and recycled synthetic materials into attractive home decor. Each woven basket arrives with an information card sign by the weaver. Fantastic for laundry, linens, toys and just simply as a stand-alone artistic statement!

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Fair Trade baskets from Senegal are an eco-friendly addition to your laundry room or bedroom.  These laundry baskets from Africa are made from sustainable cat-tail stalk fibers and plastic strands expertly woven together.  They offer a green alternative to your laundry organization. One that has a low impact on the planet, but a stunning plus for your home decor.

<img src="prayer mat basket.jpg" alt="African Woven Baskets for Sale at Market">

Our selection of Fair Trade Woven Baskets also empower local Senegalese artisans.  Your purchase affords the Local Wolof women marketplaces beyond their local markets and creates a positive income stream for their wares.

  <img src="woven basket.jpg" alt="large prayer mat hamper from Senegal">

African Laundry Basket – Prayer Mat Kaleidoscope

Variations Available. An array of gorgeous color is woven into this cheerful African Laundry Basket/Hamper. This prayer mat hamper is super-sized to accommodate  a variety of storage needs. Measures  32″ tall, 17″ diameter. Current stock colors and patterns vary in the Kaleidoscope. Please contact out store if you desire a specific color palette and pattern.  Size may slightly vary.

$250.00 African Laundry Basket Kaleidoscope

<img src="African Basket.jpg" alt="African Laundry Hamper Storage Basket Dalmatian puppy playing fetch"/>

Diamante Storage Basket Hamper

A bold design in a trio of hazel, ebony and cream is ready to house your secret bounty or just your weekly laundry.  Size: 18″D x 30″T

$159.99 Diamant Basket

<img src="African Laundry Basket.jpg" alt="African Laundry Basket Hamper From Senegal in black, brown and Cream"/>

Festival African Laundry Basket

A fantastic festival of color adorns this striped beauty.  Size: 16″D x 26-28″T

$159.99 Festival African Laundry Basket

ARRIVING MID – MARCH 2021.  Reserve today.

<img src="African Basket.jpg" alt="African laundry hamper with lid in pastel from Senegal"/>

Seascape Basket

<img src="African Basket.jpg" alt="African Laundry Storage Hamper Basket in Blue and Green With Lid"/>

Awash in calming ocean blue and sea green tones this basket beauty will add the perfect touch to your coastal decor or poolside cabana accoutrements.

Size: 16″D x 26-28″T

$159.99 Seascape African Laundry Basket

Triangle Magique

A delightful dance of colorful triangles is on display in this artful design.

19″D x 30″T

$159.99 Triangle Magique Basket

<img src="African Basket.jpg" alt="African Prayer Mat Hamper Basket With Lid and Colorful Triangle Design"/>

The Rising African Laundry Basket

An ascension of assorted colors beautifully triumphs in this storage hamper basket. Size 19″D x 30″T.

$159.99 Rising African Basket

 <img src="African Basket.jpg" alt="African Woven Laundry Hamper Basket in Rainbow Colors"/>

African Nesting Basket Set – Cafe Swirl

Evoking a contemporary vibe with dramatic swirls, this African Basket Nesting Set is ready to style your spaces in rich earthy tones of cream and brown.

Size: [Large] 15″D x 17″T [Small] 12″D x 14″T

Cafe Swirl Nesting Basket Set $115

<img src="African Basket.jpg" alt="African Basket Set of Two Nesting Storage Baskets"> African Basket Laundry Hamper Set –  Kayar

This African Storage Basket Hamper Set of 2 beautifully features handles and accent trim in leather.

Size: [Large] 19″D x 29″T [Small] 16″D x 24″T

African Basket Set Kayar - $325

<img src="African Basket.jpg" alt="Large African Storage Basket Set">

Caravan Basket – in Lemon

Saffron, Banana Custard, and this pretty Lemon Caravan Basket are a few of our favorite things in yellow!  Comfortable cut-out handles and a flat fashioned lid make make this basket both pretty and practical.

<img src="African Basket.jpg" alt="African Woven Storage Baskey Yellow">

Size: 14″D x 19″T

Caravan Basket - Lemon

African Storage Basket w/ Lid – Checkerboard Natural

This African Storage Basket with a lid showcases a classic checkerboard pattern. Available in Natural or Black.

Size: 17″D x 18″T

$134.99 African Basket- Checkerboard Nat
$134.99 African Basket- Checkerboard Black

<img src="African Basket.jpg" alt="African Storage Basket with lid from Senegal Wolof"/>

<img src="African Basket.jpg" alt="Senegalese basket with lid"/>

 African Woven Basket – Carousel

 <img src="Basket.jpg" alt="Extra Large Woven African Storage Basket With Top"> *Out of Stock* Whimsical swirls of playful colors define the charm of this extra-large African Woven Basket. Generously sized to beautifully store blankets & throws, towels, toys, laundry and more! Measurements: Size: 32″ tall, 17″ diameter. Due to handmade nature of these baskets, slight variations in size may occur.

$250 Carousel Woven Basket


Zen African Basket Set

This gorgeous set of handcrafted baskets features three nesting sizes in three distinctive yet complementary patterns in black and beige tones.  Makes a great decor statement. Size: [Large] 18″D x 28″T [Medium] 16″D x 22″T [Small] 13-14″D x 19-20″T

$349.99 Zen Basket Trio
Zen Basket Set

African Laundry Basket – Sea Glass OUT Of STOCK

A bold pattern of aqua, silver gray and white is the charm of this beautiful African Laundry Basket reminiscent of sea glass treasure.  Available in both medium and large. Hand-woven from cattail stock and recycled plastic. Medium Size: 14″ diameter, 21-22″ tall Large Size: 16″D x 26-28″ tall

Pink Camellia African Basket Set

So Pretty in Pink! These Nesting African Laundry Hampers and Storage Baskets are available in three nesting sizes  — each featuring a distinctive yet complementary pattern in blushing pink and white tones.  <img src="Basket.jpg" alt="African storage basket hamper from Senegal in pink and white"> Sizes: [Large] 18″D x 28″T [Medium] 16″D x 22″T [Small] 13-14″D x 19-20″T

$349.99 Camellia Basket Trio


Dakar African Laundry Basket

The Dakar African woven basket with lid delivers exotic drama to your interior spaces.  This extra large African basket generously sized at 18″D x 31″T is ready for your varied storage needs. Features a bold black zig zag pattern against a beautiful golden-hued background.

$215.00 Free US Shipping to 48 states

 <img src="basket.jpg" alt="Africab woven basket from Senegal with lid in large">

African Laundry Hamper – Prayer Mat Marina  

The Marina African Laundry Hamper features artful waves of turquoise and pacific blue. Large Size: 16″D x 26-28″ tall

$149.99 African Laundry Basket Marina


African Laundry Hamper Set – Sorbet

OUT of STOCK A refreshing assortment of cheerful colors makes the Sorbet Hamper Set a bright addition to your home. Size: [Large] 21″T x 15″D [Small] 15″T x 13″D

$149.99 Sorbet Hamper Set


African Laundry Basket – Prayer Mat Sea Mist OUT OF STOCK

Sea Mist African Basket Serene, yet vibrant hues vision the colors of our great oceans in this African Laundry Basket/Hamper. This African prayer mat Laundry Hamper/Basket. Measures 16″D x 26-28″T. Hand-woven from Cattail Stalks and upcycled plastics.

African Laundry Hamper Sea Mist

$149.99 African Basket Sea

Kora African Laundry Basket Hamper


(Out of Stock) The Kora lidded laundry hamper portrays handwoven artistry. Gorgeous pearl tones with deep chocolate leather accents around lid and handles. Available in medium or large. Large 16″ diameter, 20″ tall Medium 13″ diameter, 16″ tall 

$149.99 Kora Large Basket
$139.99 Kora Med Basket

African Laundry Basket Hamper – Casamance

Medium in stock/Large Back Ordered

$189.00 African Laundry Basket - Casamance
$169.00 Casamance Medium
Elegant.  A gorgeous pearl toned hamper complemented with a rich hued, dark leather top.  Accented with a wrapped leather wring pull on top and sides.  Available in large and medium for all of your laundry storage and sorting needs. Large measures 16″ diameter, 20″ tall.  Medium measures 13″ diameter, 16″ tall. <img src="woven hamper.jpg" alt="white woven hamper with lid ">

Tourmaline African Basket

Soothing tones of tourmaline blue are the highlight of this beautiful basket hamper. Available & in Stock Large. Size: 16″D x 26-28″T

$149.99 Tourmaline African Basket LG
( Out of Stock in medium Size: 14″ diameter, 21-22″ tall.)  
$129.99 African Basket Tourmaline -Medium
 <img src="African Basket.jpg" alt="Mint aqua African laundry basket">

 Caravan – Tourmaline

$129.99 Caravan Tourmaline

 <img src="hamper.jpg" alt="African laundry hamper with lid">

Size: 17″ Tall x 14.5″ Diameter

African Laundry Basket – Sahara

   <img src="woven hamper.jpg" alt="earth-tone woven laundry hamper from Africa"> Rich shades of the earth will enrich your interior spaces with the Sahara basket.  Measures 16″D x 26-28″T. Hand-woven from Cattail Stalks and upcycled plastics.

$149.99 African Basket Sahara Pattern

African Prayer Mat Hamper – Goldenrod

Out of Stock Vibrant color and gentle lines make this prayer mat hamper a go-to decor piece.  We are partial to laundry, but prayer mat hampers are an elegant adornment to any room in your home. Dimensions” 16″ D x 26-28″

$149.99 Goldenrod Prayer Mat Hamper
  <img src="laundry hamper.jpg" alt="Prayer Mat Hamper woven in yellow from africa">

African Prayer Mat Hamper – Ebony

Prayer Mat Hamper Ebony A stylish woven hamper basket in black.  Fashionably complements a variety of interior spaces. A prayer hamper that is stately and modern, yet earthen. Size: 16″D x 26-28″T

$149.99 Ebony Prayer Mat Hamper

African Laundry Basket Valentina

Price: $149.99
The Valentina African laundry basket in pink and silver is ready to dazzle your home.  A pretty, functional piece of woven sculpture ready to hold laundry or other household treasure. Size: 16″D x 28-30″T Materials: Typha (cattail) stalks, recycled plastic <img src="african basket.jpg" alt="Pink and silver african laundry basket ">

Silver & White African Laundry Basket

Silver and White African Laundry Basket


A symphony of white and silver is woven to complete this gorgeous African Laundry Basket.

Size: 16″D x 26-28″T

Materials: Typha (cattail) stalks, plastic

  <img src="basket set.jpg" alt="African laundry hamper set in yellow">

Daisy Wolof Hamper Laundry Baskets

This yellow and white African storage basket set delivers plenty of cheer and functionality.  Sold as a delightful trio in small, medium and large.  Use as laundry hampers or as attractive decorative storage pieces wherever you need a fresh burst of color. Size: [Large] 18″D x 28″T [Medium] 16″D x 22″T [Small] 13-14″D x 19-20″T

$349.99 Daisy Basket Trio

Indigo African Basket Tri <img src="baskets.jpg" alt="blue and cream african prayer mat hampers from senegal"> o

A  dreamy set of three African storage baskets in cream in blue. Playful patterns make the charm of this trio irresistible! Size: [Large] 18″D x 28″T [Medium] 16″D x 22″T [Small] 13-14″D x 19-20″T

$349.99 Indigo Basket Trio

Summer Rose Hamper Duo

Out of Stock This sweetly colored hamper duo, in pink and white stripe, features a straight silhouette, a snug overlapping lid and a braided handle. Sold as a set of two. Large 21″T x 15″D , Small 15″T x 13″D

$149.99 Pink African Basket Hamper Set
<img src=pink hamper set.jpg" alt="African laundry basket hamper set in pink stripe">

African Basket Set  Tangerine Dream Stripe

*Out Of Stock* Happy orange and white stripes add warm color to your interior spaces Large 21″T x 15″D , Small 15″T x 13″D

$149.99 African Basket Set Tangerine Dream
 <img src="African Basket Set.jpg" alt="African Laundry Basket Clothes Hamper Set">

Mint Delight Wolof Prayer Mat Baskets

Mint Out of Stock Large  16″D x 26-28″ 14″ diameter, 21-22″ tall

$149.99 Mint Delight Hamper LG

<img src=mint basket.jpg" alt="African laundry basket hamper in mint>

African Laundry Basket – Prayer Mat Pearl

An enchanting woven laundry basket in elegant pearl. Dimensions” 16″ D x 26-28″ <img src=white basket.jpg" alt="African laundry basket hamper in white"> <img src=white basket.jpg" alt="African laundry basket hamper in white">

$149.99 African Basket Pearl Prayer Mat (Large)
Also available in medium. Size: 14″ diameter, 21-22″ tall
$129.99 African Basket Pearl -Medium

 Nesting Storage Boxes

Out of Stock

A set of woven nesting baskets is the perfect accessory to organize your laundry room, craft room, pantry or dressing room.

These nesting hat baskets are available in pearl.

Size: Large: 18″ Diameter x 7.5″ Tall, Medium: 16″ Diameter x 6.5″ Tall, Small: 12″ Diameter x 5.5″ Tall

Materials: Plastic strips, typha stalks

$149.99 Nesting Basket Set

 <img src="nesting baskets.jpg" alt="nesting hat box baskets in white">

African Basket – One Love

A cheerful African basket chiming in color. This Rainbow Prayer Mat Hamper in Rainbow will liven up any room in your home. Large. Dimensions” 16″ D x 26-28″

$149.99 African Basket Love (Large)
  <img src=rainbow basket.jpg" alt="African laundry basket hamper in rainbow, red, blue green, yellow"> The video below showcases a group of Wolof women weavers making their beautiful baskets in Senegal.

 African Baskets From Ghana

Berry Trois – 3 Basket Set From Ghana

 <img src="basket set.jpg" alt="Large woven nesting basket set from West Africa, Ghana">

Berry Trois
A beautiful burst of vibrant berry to grace your rooms. Dedicated basket weavers in Ghana, West Africa, artistically weave together twisted strands of sturdy elephant grass to create this versatile set of storage baskets with ample dimensions. Each basket is dyed to a lovely cranberry hue and has a set of sturdy woven handles for easy transport. The three baskets charmingly nest together. Size: [Small] 18.5″D x 9″T [Med] 20″D x 10.5″T [Large] 22.5″D x 12″T

Turkana Laundry Hampers from Kenya

turkana hamper yellow Turkana laundry hampers are exquisitely handcrafted in Kenya by the Turkana Women from Doula Palm.  African Basket trio affords an attractive way to organize laundry, linens, toys or your favorite household treasures.  These Fair Trade African Baskets are available in Saffron, Amethyst and Cinnamon color accents. Turkana laundry baskets feature fitted lids and convenient pocket handles for easy carrying. Turkana Hamper Kenya  

Turkana Hamper Saffron - $275.00
Turkana Hamper Amethyst - $275.00
  Turkana Basket Amethyst
Turkana Hamper Cinnamon - $275.00
  Turkana Hamper Cinnamon

Bolga Baskets

Bolga Baskets Currently out of stock.

Bolga Laundry Baskets

A Bolga Laundry Basket trio! This beautiful woven basket set from Ghana is a  perfect complement to your home decor. Baskets features sturdy leather handles for easy carrying. Perfect for sorting laundry, organizing supplies in the laundry room or as totes for toys and linens. Made in the Bolgatanga region of Northern Africa. Skillfully woven from native Ghanian Veta Veta Straw. This laundry basket is Fair Trade. Purchases sustain the local Bolgatanga economy.

Nesting Bolga Basket dimensions: Small 19.5 x 14″, Medium 20 x 16″, Large 20.5 x 17.5″


$220 Includes US Shipping

African Laundry Hamper – Caravan

The Caravan hamper will make a charming addition to your bedroom, bath or laundry room.  This woven hamper features built-in pocket handles for easy transport and a lid.  Measures  14″ diameter by 19″ tall.  Hand woven in Senegal from recycled plastic strips and Cattail stalks. Caravan Hamper – Sea  <img src="basket.jpg" alt="Senegal woven basket with lid">

$129,99 Caravan Hamper Sea
129.99 Caravan Hamper - Ebony Confetti
 <img src="laundry hamper.jpg" alt="Peace corps black with confetti pattten hamper with lid">         Caravan Rainbow Pixel Hamper
$129.99 Caravan Basket - Rainbow Pixel


Caravan Ebony Pixel Hamper

$129.99 Caravan Ebony Pixel
 <img src="hampery.jpg" alt="Peace orps hamper in black piixel">   Ebony Caravan Hamper
$129.99 African Laundry Basket Caravan (Ebony)
 <img src="hamper.jpg" alt="Woven black hamper with lid">

Caravan Hamper in Pearl


 Baby Moses Baskets from Ghana

These sweet Baby Moses Baskets from Ghana are perfect for a precious bundle of joy or a bundle of laundry. Certain to become an heirloom from one generation to the next.  <img src="baby basket.jpg" alt="Moses basket from Ghana Africa"> Size: 28″L x 18″W x 12″T (to top of basket), 18″T (to top of handles)  (sold without mattress)

$159.99 African Moses Basket (Blue/Purple)
$159.99 African Moses Basket (Pink/Yellow)

Not Sure What Color They Might Like? E-Gift Certificates Are Also Available. Delivered

Via Email . Sure to Bring A Smile

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uk flag     The power of change.  In a world of disposable products, primarily made of plastic, African Baskets are a testament to finding true beauty in that which is utilitarian. Not mass produced for the masses. The woven basket that you purchase from Laundry Shoppe originating from Senegal, Ghana or other African Countries are truly one-of-a kind masterpieces. Ownership of one these baskets translates into a powerful statement of unity of both people and the planet. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save