iBoard Ironing Board – Modern, Deluxe Design

iBoard, the Hip, Beautiful Modern Ironing Board

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iBoard, represents a new wave of deluxe ironing boards that merge beautiful form with innovative function.  A safe, sturdy, sassy, sexy ironing board, with a sleek shape designed for the modern laundry room. This isn’t your Auntie Em’s ironing board. The iBoard is a contemporary ironing board with century awaited design improvements.



New Tropical Floral


New Blue Geometric

New Tropical Floral  & Geometric Blue Accessories Now Available

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Tropical Floral and Geometric Blue Large iBoards Now in Stock

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Aqua Hawaiian Floral

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Surf Stripe

No Squeak Ironing Board. Because Silence is Golden

The iBoard collapsible ironing board is designed to open and close without that annoying ironing board squeak. Now you can iron on the sly without waking the sleeping toddler, your next-door neighbor or your pet goldfish.


Easy-Find Open & Close Lever
No stinginessiboardfolded here. The iBoard is comes equipped with an ergonomic, easy-find open and close lever.  Fold or open the iBoard from either the left or right side with the clever dual lever function.  Folds easily every time with no fuss.

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Ironing Board Safety Features

Ironing shouldn’t be a hazard sport (unless you are indulging in the extreme ironing craze).  The iBoard has built-in new safety features to protect you, your clothing and home.

Wobbly Iron Syndrome Begone With Space Age Design

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The iBoard was designed to stand steady and confident.  A wobbly iron represents a safety hazard. Solved with iBoard. The iBoard’s design team was inspired by the Apollo Module used for the first moon landing.  Extra-large padded feet offer a sturdy ironing board that does not wobble or tip during normal ironing. The non-skid feet on the iBoard were made to be gentle on your flooring. They will not make nasty scratch marks that ruin your tile, laminate or hardwood flooring.

Built-In Retractable Iron Rest

iBoard features a built-in retractable iron rest.  This provides the iBoard user with a safe place to rest a hot iron in-between ironing or while waiting for the iron to cool. It also extends the usability of the ironing board surface by providing a designated location to rest your iron without competition for surface area. Made with heat resistant silicone.

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Hanging Rack Feature on Ironing Board

Iron rest feature includes a built-in clothes rack that accommodates up to 20 hangers.  Keeping your freshly pressed items near, neat and wrinkle-free.

Large Ironing Surface

The iBoard surf-board inspired ironing board means serious business. It is not timid in giving you plenty of work surface area for your ironing tasks.

Large iBoard Product Dimensions
15”(W) x 51” (L)

Adjustable Height Iron up to 36 inches.
Everyone can join the new wave in ironing. The iBoard has four height adjustments up to 36 inches for a comfortable ironing experience.

Decorative, Fun Ironing Board Covers

The iBoard Ironing Board Covers deliver decorative ironing board covers that complement a variety of home decors. Made to fit both the large iBoard and most standard ironing boards.  Drawstring fitting. These fun ironing board covers are available in Hawaiian Flower (aqua or gray floral) or Surf Stripe (gray, aqua, white). Made from 100% cotton with a 68 x 68 count thread. Printed with colorfast inks. High density felt underlay provides a smooth ironing experience.

Product Dimensions 54 x 15 x 3 inches

Also in the iBoard Ironing Board Product line

Tabletop Ironing Board


Tropical Floral – IBoard Tabletop Ironing Board

<img src="ironing board.jpg" alt="iBoard tabletop ironing board"> IBoard Geometric Blue and Tropical Floral In Stock.



Have a small space? Then the iBoard Tabletop Ironing Board is the ideal solution.  This compact, portable ironing board is great for apartment living, dorms, RV’s and house boats. This is a small ironing board with the same exciting features as the larger iBoard. We think this is the best tabletop ironing board without compromise. Soft, extra-padded legs mean this tabletop ironing board will not damage tables and countertops. Offers an easy compact fold.

Product Dimensions Tabletop size 13” (W) x 32” (L)

Ironing Board Storage Hook Organizer: Ironing Board Storage Accessory
Get organized and maximize space in your home with the handy iBoard Iron Board Hanging System. Designed to work with the iBoard and T-Leg Ironing Boards. Features a sturdy iron hanger to rest the ironing board on.  Easy to install on a door or a wall.

Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 3 inches


iBoard Ironing Board Hanger








Ironing Sleeve
iBoard also offers a convenient ironing sleeve to optimize professional ironing results. Perfect for ironing sleeves.  Equally as useful for smaller garments, linen items and crafts. Rest on a tabletop, counter or on your iBoard ironing board. Available in surf stripe.


Product Dimension 4.5” (W) x 21” (L)


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Ironing Happens. iBoard Makes it fun.