Luxury Laundry Baskets, Laundry Hampers

Laundry Baskets: The Beauty of Function and Form

A sturdy laundry basket or clothes hamper is a laundry room or bath essential. But they don’t have to be mundane. The Laundry Shoppe is pleased to offer an exciting selection of luxury laundry baskets and high-end clothes hampers that move beyond sheer utility, into beautiful laundry room or bath decor.

Many of our laundry baskets and clothes hampers are eco-friendly.  These earth-friendly baskets and laundry hampers are  sustainably created from bamboo, water hyacinth, renewable woods, rattan, wool, organic fabrics and recycled materials to offer a natural solution to your laundry storage and organization needs.

Rattan and Mahogany Luxury Hamper

Our luxury hamper and laundry basket line is designed and aligned with the slow furniture movement.  Our high-end laundry baskets and luxury clothes hampers are built to last.  They are not consumables that are here today and in a trash bin tomorrow, but rather they are stylish heirloom pieces.

We also proudly sell  hand made Amish baskets and Fair Trade African Laundry Baskets  that are one-of-a-kind works of art, signed by the basket maker.

You can also shop online our collection of organic and modern laundry baskets, and vintage inspired iron-wire laundry baskets.

The Clayborne Genuine Leather Hamper Set is available in three shades of leather embossed with a crocodile pattern.

Experience a laundry basket or a clothes hamper as an object of beauty! A laundry room or bath decor piece that provides both attractive form and function.

Sea Mist African Basket

 <img src="hamper.jpg" alt="Luxury genuine claues hamper for laundry">



Amish Laundry Basket - Square - Small

Laundry Basket Deco

Laundry Basket Panache