Laundry Room Art

Laundry Room Art

<img src="laundry art .jpg" alt="Laundry Art Vintage Soap Crate Print">   “Vintage SOAP Crate”

This vibrant vintage photographic art by Lisa Russo will infuse a bit of colorful nostalgia into your laundry room.

Inspired by an old soap crate at an antiques mart.

Beautifully printed on museum-grade fine art matte paper using archival Ultrachrome K3 pigment inks. Measures 8x 10. Unframed.

A charming piece of art to brighten  the laundry room, bath or kitchen.

Price includes US Shipping. Shipping to Canada is available for an additional $9.00.

$34 Soap Fine Art Print (color)





<img src="clothes pins.jpg" alt="laundry art clothespins on the line ">   “Waiting for the Wash”

This photographic print titled “Waiting for the Wash” captures in black and white the lovely anticipation of laundry day.

Photographic print measures 12 x 18.  Artist Jackie Joice.  A fun and chic piece of art for your laundry room.

$35 Incl US Ship

Price includes US shipping.





 “Laundry Day “

<img src="laundry art.jpg" alt="Laundry Art Print Adorable Baby Helping Wth Laundry "> The innocence of a baby girl helping her mother on “Laundry Day” is beautifully conveyed in this laundry room fine art print.

This is a bright and cheerful fine art print to grace your laundry room walls. The way the artist has captured the sunlight makes you think that you, too, are enjoying the warm sunshine and the new spring grass beneath your feet.

Printed on heavyweight velvet cover paper. Image size 11.3″ X 15″ approx. + the white border for ease in framing.

Unframed.  Shipping Included.

$26.00 Includes US Shipping







<img src="laundry art.jpg" alt="william merritt chase wash day clothesline archival wraped print">

Wash Day a Back Yard Reminiscence of Brooklyn .

Artist, William Merritt Chase

American Master

A peaceful day of hanging the wash.  Colors will complement of variety of laundry room decors. Stylish wrapped canvas adds sophistication to your laundry room. Framing not required.

$122 Merritt Chase - Wash Day


<img src="laundry art.jpg" alt="william merritt chase wash day canvas wrapped print">





US Shipping Included

Size 12 x 16

Canvas Print: Gallery-Wrap 3/4″: High quality archival 100% cotton artist canvas, printed with archival quality eco-solvent inks. We stretch the canvas over a 3/4 inch thick internal wooden ”stretcher” frame and wrap the canvas around the edges of the frame so that no white canvas shows along the sides.

Watermark will not appear on finished image.  Price Includes Shipping