Cotton Laundry Bags

Cotton Cloth Laundry Bags – Designer Prints

<img src="laundry bags.jpg" alt="Designer laundry bags in cotton prints">

Fashionable Designer Laundry Bags


Our cotton laundry bags are fully machine washable.  Laundry is kept tidy and snug with a handy drawstring closure. Use these cotton cloth laundry bags to tote dirty clothing to the laundry room, laundromat or dry cleaner. Choose from your favorite cloth laundry bag from a beautiful selection of designer graphic prints.

Designer cotton laundry bags are available in three sizes.

LG 50x70cm

Md 40x50cm

Sm 30x40cm



Floral Laundry Bags

  <img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="Floral cotton laundry bag">

Floral Printed Cotton Laundry Bag



$44.99 Laundry Bag Pacific Blue
$36.99 Laundry Bag Pacific Blue Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Pacific Blue Small

<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="laundry bag in red for dirty clothing with drawstring ">

Floral Laundry Bag in Red

$44.99 Bag - Large
$36.99 Laundry Bag Ger Red Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Ger Red Small
<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="Pink floral laundry bag with yellow backgroundh">

Mindy Floral Laundry Bag


$44.99 Laundry Bag Pink Floral Large
$36.99 Laundry Bag Pink Floral Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Pink Floral Small



<img src="laundry bag. jpg" alt="laundry bag in grey and white floral designer print ">

Mindy B&W Floral Print


$44.99 Laundry Bag Mindy Floral GR- LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Mindy Floral Gr MD
$32.99 Laundry Bag Mindy Floral Gr- SM


<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="laundry bag blue fern print in cotton">

Blue Fern Print



$44.99 Laundry Bag Blue Fern - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Blue Fern - Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Blue Fern - SM


<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="laundry bag in cotton green fern floral print">

Green Fern Print


$44.99 Laundry Bag Green Fern - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Green Fern - Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Green Fern - SM



<img src="laundry bag .jpg" alt="heather pink floral laundry bag in cotton">

Heather Pink Fern Print


$44.99 Laundry Bag Heather Fern - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Heather Fern - Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Heather Fern - SM




<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="laundry bag designer black and white floral pattern">

Fern B&W Fern Floral


$44.99 Laundry Bag Black Fern - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Black Fern - Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Black Fern - SM



<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="floral cotton laundry bag in washable cloth">

Tiki Floral Laundry Bag



$44.99 Laundry Bag Tiki - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Tiki - Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Tiki - SM

Striped Laundry Bags

<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="cotton laundry bag in turquoise stripe ">

Turquoise Stripe Laundry Bag

$36.99 Laundry Bag Turquoise Stripe - Med
$44.99 Laundry Bag Turquoise Stripe - LG
$32.99 Laundry Bag Turquoise Stripe- SM





<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="cotton laundry bag in red stripe washable cloth fabric">

Red Striped Laundry Bag

$44.99 Laundry Bag Red Stripe - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Red Stripe - Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Red Stripe- SM



<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="green striped cotton laundry bag">

Moss Striped Laundry Bag

$44.99 Laundry Bag Moss Stripe - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Moss Stripe - Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Moss Stripe- SM
<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="black and white stripe laundry bag in cotton">

Black and White Striped Laundry Bag


$44.99 Laundry Bag Black Stripe - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Black Stripe - Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Black Stripe- SM


<img src="Laundry Bag.jpg" alt="Pink striped laundry bag in cotton cloth">

Pink Striped Laundry Bag


$44.99 Laundry Bag Heather Stripe - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Heather Stripe - Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Heather Stripe- SM




<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="frey and white striped laundry bag in cotton>

Grey Striped Laundry Bag


$44.99 Laundry Bag Grey Stripe - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Grey Stripe - Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Grey Stripe- SM



Polka Dot Laundry Bags

<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="Yellow laundry bag in yellow polka dot.">

Sunshine Dot Laundry Bag



$44.99 Laundry Bag Polka Dot Yellow - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Polka Dot Yellow - Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Polka Dot Yellow - SM

<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="red poldka dot cotton laundry bagl">

Red Polka Dot Laundry Bag

$44.99 Laundry Bag Polka Dot Red - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Polka Dot Red - Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Polka Dot Red - SM


<img src="Laundry Bag.jpg" alt="Purple aubergine polka dot laundry bag  in cotton">

Aubergine Polka Dot

$44.99 Laundry Bag Polka Dot Aub - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Polka Dot Aub - Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Polka Dot Aub- SM


More Cute Laundry Bag Prints

<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="red cotton laundry bag with bird print">

Katia Flight Red

$44.99 Laundry Bag Katia Red - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Katia Red- Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Katia Red - SM



<img src=laundry bag.jpg" alt="bird print laundry bag purple aubergine">

Katia Flight Aubergine

$44.99 Laundry Bag Katia Aub - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Katia Aub Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Katia Aub - SM




<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="cotton linen laundry bag  in grey bird print">

Katia Flight Grey


$44.99 Laundry Bag Katia Grey - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Katia Grey Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Katia Grey - SM



<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="Geometric floral print laundry bag in grey , white and yellow cotton ">

Geo Laundry Bag Grey

$44.99 Laundry Bag Dorothy Grey - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Dorothy Grey- Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Dorothy Grey - SM


<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="laundry bag in pink geometric floral print ">

Pink Geo Print


$44.99 Laundry Bag Dorothy Pink - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Dorothy Pink - Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Dorothy Pink - SM




<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="yellow leaf pattern cotton laundry bag">

Yellow Leaf Pattern


$44.99 Laundry Bag Yellow Leaf - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Yellow Leaf - Med
$32.99 Laundry Bag Yellow Leaf - SM




<img src="laundry bag.jpg" alt="laundry bag in black and white print design">

Black and White Leaf Print




$44.99 Laundry Bag Black Leaf - LG
$36.99 Laundry Bag Black Leaf - Med
$44.99 Laundry Bag - Confetti- Large
$36.99 Laundry Bag Confetti Medium
$32.99 Laundry Bag Confetti Small
<img src="cotton laundry bag.jpg" alt="patterned, floral, pink  laundry bag">


Travel Laundry Bags

Our Laundry bags are also a  great travel accessory.  Pick from three sizes to stow in your suitcase to organize dirty clothing from clean.

Also, perfect as cute lingerie bag.  Helps to keep your delicates protected away from zippers and other snag hazards.

Use the small size as shoe bag, keeps your footwear separate from other items in your suitcase.

Unbleached, Canvas Drawstring Laundry Bags.

Attractive and durable all cotton construction drawstring laundry bags. Features a strong draw string cord with slide lock closure.  These are heavy duty laundry bags built to withstand wet or dry loads.  Designed with non-toxic water based ink. Cloth laundry bag dimensions are 22″x34″.

These cotton drawstring laundry bags are perfect for carrying everyday family laundry, make great college laundry bags and are fantastic  for kids summer camp laundry.

Free shipping within US. International shipping charges to select countries $7.

Ships in 2-3 weeks.

Country Clothespin

Vintage charmer. As seen in Country Living Magazine.


Price: $34.99
laundry room

Yesteryear laundry bag. A bargain 5 cents to wash, dry and fold.


Price: $34.99
Laundry Bag -Self Serve Laundry

A laundry bag for the laundry room that never closes!

Price: $34.99