Reliable Longboard Home Ironing Table: Extra-Wide Ironing Board

Reliable C6OLB Longboard 2-in-1 Home Ironing Table With Extension

10 Year Frame Warranty. Made in Italy.

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Two Ironing Boards In One!

“great quilting accessory”

“Ironing sheets for my bed and breakfast is now a breeze”

“I’m a sewer, and pressing is a huge and vital component. The ability to convert this board to a longboard rectangle is awesomeness defined!”


$279.00 Reliable Longboard Ironing Board Table

Home Ironing Table

Unique ironing board that operates as both a traditional ironing board and an ironing board table. An extension piece easily transforms the already wide main ironing board into an expansive home ironing table that can efficiently  accommodate large ironing projects such as pressing tablecloths, sheets, curtains, quilting projects, and sewing tasks.

To convert to The Longboard from the regular ironing surface, simply remove the cover, slide the extension over the board followed by the cover, and you are done.

A heavy-duty tubular frame provides a sturdy work surface allowing you iron safely and efficiently. This ironing board features a laundry rack and an iron tray.


  • Ironing table with 47-1/4-by-18-8/9-inch work surface
  • Extension piece creates a 55-inch surface for larger items
  • Measures 47-1/4 to 55 by 19 by 38 inches
  • 7 step height adjustable from 30” – 38”




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Quality Counts. Buy With Confidence

This ironing board is backed by a ten year frame warranty.

A rebuke, to a throw-away-society, the longboard is made with traditional tube-frame construction and a galvanized metal mesh screen.  Built to last…not the trash.


Reliable C60 Longboard Review of Features

• 400g felt, 6 mm foam – C60LB cover set
• 500g felt padding – C60 cover set
• Package includes table, 2 covers, Longboard extension
• Double wishbone legs
• Magnetic locking system

• 7 step height adjustable from 30” – 38”
• 18.9” x 47.25” pressing surface
• 18.9” x 55” pressing surface (with extension)
• 18.9” x 3” x 60” folded dimensions
• 18.9” x 3” x 67” (with extension)

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