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Vibio – Over The Door Organizer 

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C’mon get happy with these brightly colored over-the-door organizers.  Available in cherry red, candy lime and tangerine.  The Vibio door organizer is ready to solve your organizing demands with 6 useful basket shelves.

A perfect pantry door organizer to hold spices,cans, tin foil and more.

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These colorful door organizers attach over the door and hang along the door’s backside.

The racks have 6 plastic baskets to hold everything: laundry supplies, towels, soaps, hair brushes, flat irons, craft supplies, tin foil and plastic wrap, pasta boxes, pet leashes, and more.

A perfect pantry door organizer to hold spices,cans, tin foil and more.

Use in the laundry room and mudroom to store laundry supplies, cleaning essentials and pet care items.

In the kids room or bath…..simply wherever and whenever space saving organizing is needed.

The organizer assembles easily, fitting together with snap locks.  The plastic spacers at the top of the shoe organizer, and the plastic feet at the bottom, stabilize the unit and help protect your door.  This innovative organizer comes with 2 sets of hooks to fit over commercial and residential doors, making this the perfect organizer for dorms, where many doors are not standard residential doors.  It’s a smart way to use your door and keep your space organized and usable!

This Over-the-Door Organizer is 57 inches high, 19.25 inches wide, and 6.25 inches deep

Deluxe Over-the-Door-Organizer
Allowing you to say NO to clutter and YES to organization.

“We love it for laundry room organization. A great place to store clothes pins, scrubbing brushes, safety pins, loose change, lint brushes, sweater stones,stray buttons and those lonely socks”