International Clothesline Week 2013

Clothesline Laundry

June 1, 2013 officially launched International Clothesline Week.  The annual celebration is designed to encourage citizens worldwide to naturally dry their washed laundry on a clothesline.  The sun’s power is free and hanging clothing to dry naturally is a great way to save energy and protect our environment.

A Clothesline for Everyone.

Clotheslines needn’t be second class laundry citizens.  Every residence, even those with an existing clothes dryer, can take advantage of the energy savings and the gentle care of fabrics that line-drying provides.  A backyard clothesline is great, but impromptu clotheslines can also be strung from balconies, small patios or even indoor spaces. Trees, furniture, showers and door archways can all be recruited in stringing a laundry line. The ability to line dry should part of every laundry routine.

Why Line Drying  Is Good for Laundry

Modern dryers are a great convenience. However, their heat settings and tumble movements are not very gentle to clothing. Friction in the drying environment coupled with over heating can quickly cause unnatural fabric wear.  Line drying clothing and linens affords a more gentle approach.

A Bleach Alternative

Drying white linens or clothing on a clothesline when exposed to full and direct sunlight is  a natural alternative to bleaching and helps to rid whites of dingy graying.  Adding a bit of fresh squeezed lemon to stains or discolorations pre-wash will also help to restore whiteness, in addition to the sun’s bleaching power.

Best Results With A Natural Detergent

For the best hang drying results, be sure to use a natural detergent that is clean rinsing. Many traditional detergents can leave a residue after being washed. This detergent residue causes clothing to be unnecessarily stiff and allows them to become a magnet for later grime. A natural detergent will produce clothing that is soft to the touch once dry, with fibers that are lifted and not left flat by gunky residue.  We sell and recommend Charlie’s Soap, Allens’s Naturally and Puretergent as great environmentally friendly and natural detergents.

Smells so Good

Besides saving electricity, being kind to our planet, and treating your laundered fabrics gently….line drying will leave your clothes smelling naturally clean. So, skip the costly scented dryer sheets and let naturally fragrant breezes deliver great smelling laundry.

Hanging Laundry on a Clothesline is Fun

Summer breezes, birds chirping and just an excuse to be outside make hanging laundry more fun. We won’t tell if you take a little extra time enjoying the outdoor view.  For more laundry fun, use our decorative wooden clothespins in whimsical stripes, florals and plaids for an all-around enjoyable clothesline experience.

We hope that you will join us in celebrating International Clothesline Week. Happy Laundering!



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