A Vacation Home in Massachusetts Creates A Dynamic Duo

In the absence of a designated “laundry room” sometimes a little creativity and flexibility is in order to design the perfect laundry space.

A vacation home in Oysterville, Massachusetts presented such a challenge.

An underused pass-through located between the kitchen and dining room became ground zero for creating a purposeful space.  Previously, the space, in lackluster fashion, had housed a very dated washer and dryer.

But the  met this challenge to create a versatile space that beautifully displays both the form and function of two disparate needs.

Real glamour was created when the design team of Margie Huggard and Jeanne Upton designed a mixed-use space that became a butler’s pantry and a laundry room.

This versatile space is not only beautiful, but it is fully functional.

That is what all good interior design should accomplish.

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 <img src="laundry room.jpg" alt="Laundry room remodel combined with butler's pantry">



“The old pass-through is now an attractive nook that promotes lingering, whether it’s party time or laundry day.”


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