22 Stylish Black and White Laundry Room Inspirations

Laundry in Black and White

Laundry all dressed up in black and white.

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Nothing mundane here. Think style, sophistication and glamour. A laundry room ready for it’s close-up in timeless black and white.

But, how exactly do you you replicate this chic designer look?

They key is to keep it simple and unified.  Add texture and tone elements true to the desired monochrome quest. Give attention t to appliances, sink fixtures, cabinetry, wall, counters, flooring, windows, lighting and accent pieces to construct a space that is comprehensibly designed.

Commit, don’t be timid in your vision. Experiment with various materials, fabrics, and colors to achieve a look uniquely reflective of your taste.

Try for a few bold elements contrasted against more subtle hints.  Interchange big and small accents to achieve an collective design ideal.

Wall Treatments

Wallpaper is featured in many of the showcased laundry rooms. The laundry space is a perfect backdrop for a bit of whimsy, bold graphic or subtle texture easily achieved in a wallpaper design or wall mural. This type of wall treatment is often effective simply by selecting a singular wall as a focus.

Tile is also prominently use as a wall treatment.  Some laundry rooms highlight tile back splashes while others emphasize tile treatments all throughout the wall space.

Walls can also be dramatically painted as featured in the laundry room by Dwelling Interiors.

Laundry themed artwork or your individual favorite masterpieces can also adorn your walls to add interest and focal points.


A favorite way to achieve a sophisticated look is the use of black and white tile flooring. Black and white checkerboard and harlequin tile are heavily used in our showcased design inspirations.  This look evokes a retro feel of luxury.

Moroccan and octagonal black and white tile are also gorgeous flooring options.


Lighting is an important element in laundry rooms.  A good light source can add warmth, glamour and most importantly functional illumination. Laundry rooms are often tucked in basements, windowless rooms or closets so adding lighting accents can assist in making laundry tasks less challenging. Consider adding can lights or under-the-cabinet lighting to enhance tasks that require a greater focus such as folding clothing or ironing. Laundry is often done in the evening hours, so you will want to make sure that your ideal laundry room is ready to work day and night.

The Silver Leaf Construction and Renovation laundry room features dazzling lighting that feature that imparts luxury and functionality

Decor Accents

When selecting decor accents allow yourself to have fun. Laundry rooms are little treasure troves that allow us to experiment with a design concept that may sometimes be unique to the look and feel of other household rooms.  Accents do need to be all laundry related.  If  you have favorite collectibles looking for a home — the laundry room might be just the perfect place for them

Decorating your laundry room needn’t break the bank. Source your garage, closets and guest rooms for forgotten pieces that are longing for a new home. Locate a few unique and functional decor accents at your favorite shops (wink, wink, wink), garage sales or eBay to add special touches that define your laundry space.

Sans Clutter

The design genius of black and white laundry room is that it thrives on a two-point color balance. Stay true to this design equilibrium by removing unnecessary visual clutter. Store as many items as you can in cabinets and off of laundry counters. If you have open cubbies purchase decorative storage accents to laundry product essentials. Detergents can be tastefully displayed in clear glass or black and white decorative themed tin canisters. Select color-specific woven baskets are attractive and purposeful hiding places for wool dryer balls, dryer sheets and other laundry necessities. Continue to stay true to the color harmony, by keeping your laundry tidy and hidden either with built-in hampers or decorative stand-alone clothes hampers and laundry baskets in either black or white.

This aattention to detail will provide you with a laundry room that is both functional and enjoyable.

To create this black-tie event in your own laundry room we present you with some visual inspirations ranging from dreamy luxury laundry oasis’s to everyday laundry room workhorses. Now let the laundry show began!

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Von Fitz Design

A black built-in drying rack against a crisp white wall provides a dramatic visual, but utilitarian intent

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Barroso Homes

Gorgeous natural light shines into this laundry space via three black accented windows.  An attractive black splash adds a soft and subtle touch.

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Jazz up a plain wall in a unique black and white pattern with this DIY creative tape technique.

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Joy Tribout

The pièce de résistance of black and white laundry rooms. Chic and Lustrous.

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Liz Caan Interiors

No excuses for laundry pile-up here ! This is a laundry room ready to work. Spacious with gorgeous black utility sink, ample white cabinetry and cubbies, and generous black countertops.

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This laundry room has gone to the dogs! A waggish design with desirable features such as this fold-out counter and display case.


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Belmont Design Group

Fashionably organized:plentiful cubbie spaces host baskets providing a clever mode for separating soiled laundry.

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Emerson Grey Designs

A chic laundry closet in black and white. A dramatic tile black and white blackplash completes the look.


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A bold black and white stripe skirt adds a playful flair and keeps laundry essentials secretly stowed

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Lucy Interior Design

Whimsical wallpaper illustrating woodsy songbirds in monochrome adorn these laundry room walls.

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Abbott Moon

Great Use of a small laundry space. Proper design placement gives room to all these essentials.

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Subway tiles and moroccan tiling on the floor give this laundry room simple grandeur


  <img src="laundry room.jpg" alt="white and black themed laundry room idea">

Planning and Building, Inc.

Love the dramatic placement of the laundry appliances against this elegant black window.


  <img src="laundry room.jpg" alt="black and white french themed laundry room">

Betty Lou Phillips

You will always have Paris….and laundry in this dreamy laundry room complete with multiple appliances.

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Ebony and Ivory blended in perfect harmony. Love the decorative floating shelves as a focal point.


<img src="laundry room.jpg" alt="BHG laundry room designed in black and white">


Tuxedo style in a bright and airy space. Love the infusion of natural light!

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Berkley Vallone Interior Design

Alice in Wonderland-esque laundry room experience. Bold and chimerical use of black and white elements.

<img src="laundry room .jpg" alt="Asko modern black and white laundry room">



This showcase laundry room is simple, clean and elegant. Sophisticated like an exotic orchid.



Get playful with polka-dot and stripes!  A DIY method for decorating your washer and dryer.


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Atmosphere Interior Design

A modern and classy laundry room and mud room combo in polished black and white.

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The Kitchen Company

Modern and roomy with extended countertops to tackle folding laundry and more.

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Silver Leaf Construction and Renovation

Elegant ornamental lighting provides an exquisite touch to this beautiful, luxury laundry space.


Happy Laundering!

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