We Love to Gleener! And You Will, Too!

At the Laundry Shoppe we enjoy finding laundry products and laundry accessories that offer you value and make the laundry routine easier.

The Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover, our favorite fabric shaver, fits this requirement perfectly. You will wonder how you ever managed without this essential fabric care tool.


Our favorite sweater or even our favorite upholstered chair both eventually display the signs of wear.  The Gleener fabric shaver helps you to easily restore new life and vitality to apparel, draperies and upholstery. The Gleener is a fabric care tool that quickly pays for itself by reviving your wardrobe and home decor.

Here is a video of the Gleener in action.

Why The Gleener is the Best Fabric Shaver

Ergonomic Design.

The makers of Gleener thoughtfully designed a fabric shaver that would be comfortable for the human hand to use.  The handle is ergonomically designed allowing for natural movement and features an easy release button.

Three Blades are better than one.

The Gleener was designed to be more than just a standard sweater shaver or sweater stone. The Gleener design team wanted a fabric shaver that could safely rid both natural and synthetic fabrics of pill and fuzz. The Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover comes equipped with three interchangeable blades. Different fabrics simply require different types of blades to effectively remove pill and fuzz. Competitor fabric shavers simply don’t allow this type of versatility.

A Lint Brush, Too!

More proof that the Gleener is truly the Ultimate Fuzz Remover is the wonderful velvet lint brush that is attached to the clothing shaver’s handle.  Now two of your favorite fabric care accessories are combined!

No Batteries or Motor

The Gleener is self-powered  The amazing blades do all of the work.  No need to worry about constantly replacing batteries or disappointing motor-burn out. This is not a cheap electronic product that ends up in your trash.  Self-powered also means that there is no irritating cord to navigate when you are attempting to treat your clothing. Your movement is unrestricted with the Gleener.

A Lifesaver When Traveling

The Gleener comes with a handy storage pouch that can be easily stowed in your luggage or travel bag.  A convenient resource when you need to make a quick clothing repair on-the-go.




Once you have a Gleener at home you will find multiple uses for it around the house. It even works on fabric automotive upholstery!

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