Merino Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls

Our featured dryer balls are handcrafted and made of %100 pure Merino Wool.  Available in natural brown or natural white (specify choice at checkout)

Wool dryer balls are an excellent choice for the eco conscious modern laundry room.

Wool Dryer Balls Care For Your:

Fabrics.  Beautifully lifting the fibers to a fluff without damaging over-drying.

Skin. No nasty chemicals here.  Naturally created without the use of chemicals, perfumes or harmful dyes. Clothing will naturally softened without the use of dryer sheets or chemical softeners.

Planet. Save on electricity by significantly reducing drying time.

Wallet. Reduced electricity bills, clothing that lasts longer, no need to buy multiple laundry products to soften laundry.



$30 w/ Free US Shipping