Washer Fan – Eliminates Washer Odor

Washer Fan

A Permanent, Fast and Easy Solution to Ridding Washing Machine Odor for Good. Guaranteed.

Washer Mold is The Cause of Smelly Washers and Laundry Odor.


Modern washing machines are harbingers of mold.   All washing machines today are wrought with the same design limitations of a pump at the bottom of the washer that allows for standing water to constantly remain in the lowest parts of your washer. This standing water causes high relative humidity in the internal components of your washer as it evaporates. Mold-growing standing water that remains at the lowest part of your washer, even after it drains!

Washer Fan naturally aerates your washing machine so that the root cause of the stench can’t survive! No cause, no stench. It’s that simple.

Guaranteed to work on any washing machine on the planet.

Permanently Eliminate & Prevent Washer Odor

  • EASY: Installs in Seconds – No Tools Required!
  • QUIET: Whisper Silent Eco-System
  • AFFORDABLE: Uses Just 8¢ of Electricity per month
  • TOUGH: Engineer Tested to Last 5+ Years Running Continuously 24/7
  • UNIVERSAL: Fits all Front-load & Top-load Washers
  • PERFECT! Fits Every Brand & Style Washer Worldwide
  • NATURAL: No Chemicals, Extra Water or Added Work

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