Simply Stashed Pink


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Pink Dot Mini Simply Stashed


Beauty and Brawn marry in this sturdy over-the-door organizer. The Simply Stashed Hanging Organizer is the perfect solution to getting organized in the laundry room.  Clear wall pockets allow you to easily view and label your favorite laundry products and laundry accessories.


Say NO to clutter and YES to organization  with this attractive and thoughtfully designed hanging storage for your laundry room, bedroom or office.

  • Features of The Mini Stash:

    • 16″ wide x 36″ long – perfect for smaller spaces
    • Eco-friendly fabrics are coated for easy cleaning
    • 15 different sized crystal clear pockets for easy content viewing
    • Built-in sleeves allow you to label pocket contents
    • Versatile hanging options (use a decorative ribbon or hang on door)


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