Rhinestone Hanger
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Rhinestone Hanger

Closet Glam for the Diva and  Princess in you….

Mike + Ally’s Empire Pave Crystal Luxe Hangers deliver high glamour to your luxury wardrobe.

This luxury clothes hanger is intricately hand adorned with fine Austrian Crystal. It measures 17 1/2 ” in length.  Thoughtfully designed with wide shoulder flares and an enhancing curve to protect the natural hang of your garments  Also features a non-slip tab to secure your fine fashions.

 <img src="luxury hanger.jpg" alt="Mike + Ally Empire Pave Luxe Hanger with Austrian Crystals">

Mike + Ally is renowned worldwide for its luxurious home decor accents.   Accessorizing the interiors of fine estates, boutique hotels and yachts to those with discriminating taste.

Empire Pave Luxe Austrian Crystal Hangers: Set 0f 7


$999 Set of 7 Empire Pave Crystal Hangers in Silver

Ships free within the continental US.  Contact us for shipments overseas.

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