Puretergent Gentle


A Laundry Detergent Brand That Cares For Fabrics, Your Skin And The Environment

Puretergent effectively launders without the use of harmful and irritating petroleum products, dyes, and thickeners . Instead, Puretergent utilizes the power of herbal surfactants and is 100% non-allergenic.

You will notice the difference in the first wash. Imagine Softer,Brighter, and Healthier laundry.

A market first. Puretergent’s friendly detergent pouch has 8 times less plastic than a rigid plastic laundry detergent bottle, and uses 9 times less emissions to manufacture and recycled by Terracycle.

Use Gentle  for wool,silk,down jackets and sleeping bags. The choice for sensitive skin or when extra softness is desired. Great for baby laundry.

21.99 Includes US Shipping