Puretergent Calm


A Laundry Detergent Brand That Cares For Fabrics, Your Skin And The Environment

Puretergent effectively launders without the use of harmful and irritating petroleum products, dyes, and thickeners . Instead, Puretergent utilizes the power of herbal surfactants and is 100% non-allergenic.

You will notice the difference in the first wash. Imagine Softer,Brighter, and Healthier laundry.

A market first. Puretergent’s friendly detergent pouch has 8 times less plastic than a rigid plastic laundry detergent bottle, and uses 9 times less emissions to manufacture and recycled by Terracycle.

Calm is the “Fashion-Forward” formula. Designed to maintain the vibrant colors in your wardrobe.

21.99 Includes US Shipping