Lifter Hamper With Wheels

Lifter Hamper Pink


The Lifter Hamper literally helps you with the laundry!  Innovative spring-loaded technology allows the hamper’s base to rise from top to bottom as the hamper fulls or empties.  Add laundry into the hamper it lowers. Take laundry out of the basket and the base rises. No more bending or straining over a traditional laundry basket or clothes hamper. Also comes with wheels for easy laundry transport. A real back saver. The Lifter Hamper is a great laundry hamper for those with back discomfort, seniors, pregnant women or anyone who wants help with the laundry.

Lifter Hamper Pink(1)


Open 36H x 16W x 18L.  Folded 401/2H x 16W x 2L.

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Pink Out of Stock . Available in Crisp White Or Jet Black.