Bamboo Blanket
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Bamboo Blanket

Bamboo Blanket

Soft, Sensual Premium Bamboo Viscose Blankets.  Clean, satin-stitched borders surround our newest form of fuzzy, super-soft bamboo fabric. This bamboo blanket is easily washable, and soft enough for the most sensitive skin. Guaranteed to never pill or tear from normal use.It can be used as the perfect cuddle blanket, an extra layer during chillier nights, or a delicate swaddle for the newest member of the family. Order yours today and discover the true warmth and coziness of a high quality bamboo blanket.


Bamboo Blanket Benefits

Moisture Wicking – Our bamboo blanket will wick away moisture from the body thus reducing humidity that causes you to become excessively hot or cold.
Hot flashes, Night Sweats, Irregular Body Temperatures – Our temperature-minded bedding can mitigate common issues with temperature problems at night.
Bed-bugs, Dust-mites, Microbes – Bamboo bedding is naturally inhospitable to these unwanted critters.

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Bamboo Blankets are naturally hypoallergenic, resistant to bacteria, and other harmful microbes, making them inherently more wonderful than your average bedding.

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Available in three sizes:

Bamboo Baby Blanket – 31″ W x 40″ L – (79cm x 102cm)

Bamboo Queen Sized Blanket– 90″ W x 98″ L – (229cm x 249cm)

Bamboo King Sized Blanket – 108″ W x 98″ L – (274cm x 229cm)