Luxury in the Laundry Room

A nice end cap to the list of 2016 “eye candy”laundry rooms is this beautiful  designed space by Catherine Davin of Davin Interiors.

  <img src="laundry room.jpg" alt="luxury laundry room Traditional Home Showhouse">

Traditional Home / Davin Interiors

The sophisticated space was specifically designed by Davin for Traditional Home’s 5th Annual Napa Valley Showhouse located in Napa, CA.

And while the entire home is a stunningly designed, we are just a wee bit partial to highlighting the gorgeous attributes of the laundry room.

Designer Catherine Devin’s, foremost quest was to transform “the home’s main laundry room into a functional yet stylish space.” Astute attention was directed into staging the physical attributes of the space.  Davis emphasizes that laundry rooms are “working rooms” and must be “conducive to a task-oriented space”.

  <img src="laundry room.jpg" alt="Davin interiors ccad drawing laundry room">

CAD Davin Interiors

The sink area serves as a type of laundry day cockpit. Firmly putting the launderer in a pivotal position to handwash, load or unload washer & dryer, retrieve laundry supplies and fold!

Once the logistics of fixtures and appliances was decided a neutral color palette was selected. No, not a neutral devoid of drama and flair —-but one ensconced in comforting textures and rustic tones. Note the age-stoned bricks charmingly displayed in a herringbone pattern. The selection of rustic grey cabinetry adds another warming touch. And, the laundry room also features a richly hued oak floor. A soft and whimsical touch is added with a two-tone damask window treatment.

The overall impact is visually stunning and functionally efficient: laundry room mission accomplished.

For interior design advice on achieving your very own dream laundry room, read these noteworthy tips from Davin Interiors.

Note : Tour Tickets of this amazing home can be purchased until January 8th, 2017. Further information about Showhouse visiting hours and ticket prices can be found here.


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