Make Ironing Easy, Fun and Effortless

The Most Fun You Will Ever Have Ironing.

iboard Ironing Board

Laundry is proud to announce it has partnered with Instinctive Works LLC to bring the most innovative ironing board to be seen in decades to the public.   The iBoard ironing board has completely changed the nature of ironing clothes through it’s creative solutions to the short comings of the traditional ironing board.  With fun beach inspired styling and innovative features, the iBoard brings excitement back to the drudgery of ironing. David Farnworth, President of Instinctive Works, LLC and Inventor of the iBoard says “ iBoard changes everything about ironing. It solves a century old problem and makes ironing less stressful and more enjoyable.”

The patent pending, surfboard shaped iBoard increases the size of the ironing surface. The board also features oversized dual release levers, a retractable iron rest and clothing rack, and surf inspired covers available in bold Hawaiian Flower and sleek Cool Gray and Aqua Stripes.


Stability and Quiet Charm
Gone are the days of squeaky hinges and wobbly legs.  With an integrated folding system and dual handed over-sized levers,  the folding action of the iBoard has removed the noise factor from setting up and taking down your ironing board.

Sleeping babies and next-door neighbors are now safe from the dreaded ironing board squeak.

The distinctive, cushioned feet, spread wide the stance of the iBoard — adding the sure footedness of a top pro surfer dropping in on a 40 foot monster wave. Apollo Lander inspired extra large, rounded, padded bottoms help to balance and stabilize the board making it solid as a rock. The board will not scratch floors due to the no-skid and non-marking thick foam padding.

wobble-free ironing board

A Safe Place for Your Iron
The iBoard has banished the scorched ironing board cover, too, with it’s improved retractable silicon iron holder.  To make life easier, there is an integrated hanging rack for your freshly pressed masterpieces.

Tight on Space?

Sometimes you don’t want to take your longboard because it’s a little too big for cutting on the beach break.  You don’t always need a big ironing board for all of your ironing tasks, either. iBoard comes in a convenient tabletop version that is perfect for apartments and dorm rooms. And, when you really need to have the crispest sleeves in the building try the ironing board sleeve accessory. A perfect way to take care of dress shirts and blouses as well as quick touch-ups or craft projects.

iBoard Tabletop Ironing Board

Not Just Hanging Around

When you are done with the ironing you won’t be trying to stuff the ironing board behind a door or in a closet. Simply hang the iBoard up on the custom hanging system, keeping your iBoard easy to access in the event of the next big swell of new clothes to press.

More an object of art than an household item. The, fun fresh beach inspired design will make you feel like breaking out your iBoard before you know it.

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