A Laundry Secret Revealed

In a world with Wi-Fi, virtual reality, and washing machines that talk (yes, some do) why are so many still stuck with that same old ironing board relic of decades past?

Psst! Did You Know?

Well, here is the secret: while you were busy with other life adventures the ironing board evolved! Time to trade-in that noisy, wobbly, rusty, finger-pinching, covered in scorch marks, 1970’s love child of an ironing board for a modern ironing board.

You deserve an ironing board that works for you, not against you. Time to set yourself free from unnecessary drudgery.

iBoard Ironing Board to the Rescue

Let us introduce you to the iBoard Ironing Board designed for the contemporary laundry room.

You may not love ironing. But facts are that ironing happens. And whether, it’s a daily task in your household or just a date-night tradition you want an ironing board that keeps you looking your best.  The iBoard Ironing Board meets that expectation.

iBoard is serious when it comes to ironing. That starts with the iBoard’s generously, wide shape inspired by the surfboard. This is a large ironing board that will assist you in pressing larger items of clothing and not cramp your ironing style.

Height adjustable: iBoard offers an equal opportunity ironing experience for both those tall and small.

  <img src="ironing board.jpg" alt="modern ironing board deluxe features">

Hawaiian Flower Aqua

Ironing Board Monster Slayed

The iBoard also ends the decades long bad reputation of ironing boards as squeaky, tipsy,mess-making and finger-eating monsters.

The iBoard Ironing Board is whisper-quiet. This is a collapsible ironing board that does not squeak. Stealthily carry out your ironing duties without waking up the entire household.

Inspired by the Apollo Module used for the first moon landing, iBoard’s inventors developed an ironing board that stands safe, steady and strong. Extra-wide padded feet keep the iBoard Ironing Board securelystationed while at work and play. No more wrestling with your ironing board to keep it from tipping and wobbling.

  <img src="ironing board.jpg" alt="stable ironing board">

Innovative Legs Designed For Steadiness

As an extra-plus, the iBoard’s feet are non-marking and scratching. Your flooring will be spared from the damaging ugly markings traditional ironing boards leave on hardwood floors, tile and laminate.

The iBoard also doesn’t eat fingers like other ironing boards.  Over-sized opening and closing levers are conveniently located on either side of this ironing board. No more hunting for a mysterious, small and stubby lever that pinches your fingers.

  <img src="safe ironing board.jpg" alt="ironing board safety features ">

Easy Function Lever


Ironing Board With Iron-Rest

Additional modern design features, include a built-in ironing rest. Made of heat-resistant silicone this iron holder provides a safe place to stow your iron in between press jobs or while waiting for the iron to cool.  iBoard’s iron rest also helps put an end to unsightly scorch marks on your ironing board cover, prevents water spilling from your iron and affords you greater surface area for ironing.

  <img src="ironing board.jpg" alt="ironing board with iron rest">

iBoard Iront Rest and Clothes Rack

Another fantastic feature of the iBoard is the integrated clothes rack that allows you to conveniently hang recently pressed items.

Convenient Ironing Board Storage Solution

How many times have you got clunked on your head as you struggled to free an ironing board from the closet?  Well, iBoard has solved that, too.

iBoard offers a simple hanging accessory to securely stow your ironing board behind the door or on a wall. You win with extra-floor space and less bumps to your head.

  <img src="ironing board.jpg" alt="ironing board storage system">

iBoard Ironing Board Storage Hanger

Tabletop iBoard Ironing Board

Need to conserve space? The iBoard also comes in a compact, tabletop version. Works great on counters or a table. Perfect for apartment-living, dorm rooms, RV’s and houseboats.

  <img src="compact ironing board.jpg" alt="tabletop ironing board ">

iBoard Tabletop Ironing Board

iBoard Ironing Sleeve

For extra professional results, the iBoard Ironing System also offers an ironing board sleeve. Easily press dress shirts sleeves and blouses, small linens and craft goods on this specialized accessory board.

    <img src="ironing board sleeve.jpg" alt="ironing board sleeve with modern features iboard ">

iBoard Ironing Sleeve

Fun Ironing Board Covers

  <img src="ironing board covers.jpg" alt="cool, fun ironing board covers">

Cool, Hip and Pretty Ironing Board Covers


Finally, iBoard delivers hipster decorative covers in cool Surf Stripe (aqua blue and gray stripe) and glam Hawaiian Floral (gray or aqua blue). Say bye-bye to your old beige, water-stained and burnt cover.

The secret is out. Your new ironing adventure awaits. Discover the iBoard Ironing Board yourself.

 <img src="deluxe ironing board.jpg" alt="modern, design ironing board">



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