8 Ideas For an Old Moses Basket

A Moses Basket is generally used as a small bed or carrying cot for a newborn infant for 1-3 months.

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After the newborn phase passes, many wonder what is the purpose of a Moses Basket once it has outlived its use as a baby bed?

Well, there is simply no need to hide your beautiful Moses Basket away in a closet after baby graduates to new sleeping headquarters. There are many other uses for a Moses Basket.

Here are 8 of our favorite ideas for an old Moses Basket:

Toy Storage

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An unused Moses Basket makes a great place to store toys, dolls and a stuffed animal collection. The handles make it easy to just tote and go from the family room to a child’s bedroom.


Book & Magazine Display

 <img src="Moses Basket.jpg" alt="Use a Moses Basket to Store Books & Magazines">

Another alternative use for a Moses Basket is as a repository for your favorite set of books and magazines.  Display the Moses Basket aside your sofa or near your bed to attractively house your favorite collections.

Log & Tinder Storage

 <img src="Moses Basket.jpg" alt="Old Moses Baskets can be used as a firewood log bag">

As the seasons change to a frosty coolness, a recycled Moses Basket makes a handy hearth companion. Store your kindling, logs and other fireplace essentials inside your Moses Basket and use as a  recycled log basket.

Pet Bed Or Pet Toy Storage

A pet bed for your little precious Fido or Fluffy might be the perfect way to reuse an old Moses Basket.  A former Moses Basket Cot would also make a convenient and attractive storage bin for all of your pet’s toys.

 <img src="Moses Basket.jpg" alt="Use a Moses Basket as a pet">

Pillows, Blankets & Towels…Oh, My!

 <img src="Moses Basket.jpg" alt="Reuse a Moses Basket for Blanket & Linen Storage">

Neatly stow a cozy collection of blankets, throws, pillows, towels and other linens in an old Moses Basket. Makes for a beautiful display in a guestroom, living room, bedroom or bathroom.

Garden Basket

 <img src="Moses Basket.jpg" alt="Convert Moses Basket to a garden basket">

Repurpose a Moses Basket by converting into a garden basket. Gather bunches of gorgeous flowers or harvest veggies galore from your garden.


Flower or House Plant Container

 <img src="Moses Basket.jpg" alt="Moses Basket used as a planter for flowers and plants">

An assorted display of arranged potted flowers, indoor herbs or house plants can be beautifully arranged into an upcycled Moses Basket. Will instantly add a touch of charm to a sunroom or covered patio area.

Laundry Basket

 <img src="Moses Basket.jpg" alt="Moses Basket used a laundry basket">

Our favorite alternative use for a repurposed Moses Basket might just be as a laundry basket.  The easy-to-grasp handles on a Moses Basket make it a convenient way to tote laundry around the home.

A Moses Basket is both a wonderful bed for a new baby and a beautiful decor accent, that can continued to be enjoyed long after a baby’s first few months of usage.

We hope that we have given you some great ideas for an old Moses Basket.






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